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About Us

PC Klose

PC Klose Insurance is owned and operated by Curt Klose of Suffield, CT.  We serve the greater New England area and Curt is a licensed insurance agent in the state of  Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont.  Additionally, he holds licenses in Florida, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

Numerous national, as well as regional honors, have been received by Curt because of the work he does for his clients.

He has also spoken at national events and is the author of several articles appearing in company publications


About Midland National® Life Insurance Company

Midland National has been providing fixed annuities and life insurance policies to individuals and families across the United States since 1906. First founded as Dakota Mutual Life Insurance Company, and assuming the name Midland National Life Insurance Company in 1925, the company has created a legacy of providing insurance and financial services that protect individuals and families alike.

Midland National has seen steady growth, stability, and industry success for over 110 years. With high industry ratings and Better Business Bureau accreditation, the organization’s broad product portfolio is designed to fit the individual needs of both personal and business financial protection for years to come.

Midland National at every step of life


Office Phone: 860-668-7739
cell phone: 860-680-1406
Email: curt@pcklose.com